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We Serve 100% Halal Meat
  1. Samosa
    A samosa is a fried or baked dish with a savoury filling, such as spiced potatoes, onions, peas, lentils, macaroni, noodles or minced meat (lamb, beef or chicken). Its size and consistency may vary, but typically it is distinctly triangular or tetrahedral in shape.
  2. Chicken Tikka Sizzler
    Chicken Tikka Sizzler
    Chicken sizzler is a hot dinner party recipe, the boneless chicken is marinated in spices and soy sauce, cooked on a proper flame and served on a hot sizzling plate
  3. Gulab Jamuns
    Gulab Jamuns
    Gulab jamuns is deep fried balls made of milk powder, flour, butter and cream or milk, and then soaked in sugar syrup.
  4. Mango Lassi
    Mango Lassi
    Mango lassi is gaining popularity worldwide. It is made from yogurt, water and mango pulp. It may be made with or without additional sugar. It is widely available in UK, Malaysia, Singapore, the United States, and in many other parts of the world.
  5. Chicken Tikka
    Chicken Tikka
    It is traditionally small pieces of boneless chicken baked using skewers in a clay oven called a tandoor after marinating in spices and yogurt—essentially a boneless version of tandoori chicken. The word tikka means "bits" or "pieces".
  6. Chicken Tikka Masala
    Chicken Tikka Masala
    Chicken tikka masala is chicken tikka, chunks of chicken marinated in spices and yogurt, that is then baked in a tandoor oven, and served in a masala (spice mix) sauce.
  7. Chicken 65
    Chicken 65
    Chicken 65 is a spicy, deep-fried chicken dish originating from Chennai, India, as an entrée, or quick snack. The flavor of the dish can be attributed to red chillies but the exact set of ingredients for the recipe can vary.
  8. Chicken seekh kebabs
    Chicken seekh kebabs
    Chicken seekh kebabs are an entrée prepared in the oven. It's the special delight of minced chicken, poppy seeds and spices. The nice mixture of minced chicken is simply molded onto the skewers and cooked in the hot clay oven.
  9. Carrot Halwa
    Carrot Halwa
    Carrot halwa, also known as gajar ka halwa, is an unusual Indian dessert. It's made with grated carrots, whole milk, dried fruit, and nuts, and it has a delicious light fudgey texture.
Our Lunch Specials
  1. Chicken Tikka Roll
    Chicken Tikka Roll
    Rolls are served with lettuce, Mayonnaise, Chutney and Can of soda
  2. Non Veg Platter Box
    Non Veg Platter Box
    2 Choice of Chicken, Basmati Rice and Plain Naan
  3. Veggie Platter Box
    Veggie Platter Box
    2 Choice of Veggie, Basmati Rice and Plain Naan
  4. Chicken Kabob Roll
    Chicken Kabob Roll
    Rolls are served with lettuce, Mayonnaise, Chutney and Can of Soda
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