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Lentils & Paneer

Served with Basmati Rice

  1. Paneer Jalfrazie-I.Stir Fry)
    $ 10.99
    Homemade cottage prepared with green Peppers, Onions, green Chilies and Tomatoes.
  2. Paneer Makni
    $ 10.99
    Cubes of homemade Cheese cooked in a buttery Tomato Sauce with little spice.
  3. Kadai Paneer
    $ 10.99
    Homemade cottage Cheese cooked with Tomatoes, fresh Peppers,Onions, Green Peppers and Herbs & spices. Sauce.
  4. Mutter Paneer
    $ 10.99
    Homemade Cheese cooked with fresh Peas in a creamy based Sauce.
  5. Palak Paneer
    $ 10.99
    Homemade cottage Cheese cooked with fresh Spinach and spices.
  1. Dal Tadka
    $ 10.99
    Yellow Lentils cooked with Herbs and spices.
  2. Dal Makhani
    $ 10.99
    Black Lentils flavored with freshly ground Spices and Sautéed in Butter.
  3. Channa Masala
    $ 10.99
    Chickpeas cooked with fresh Tomatoes and spices.
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